NADCA 2018 Fall Technical Conference

NADCA 2018 Fall Technical Conference

Pittsburg has hosted the Nadca 2018 Technical Conference. In this conference participants have been able to understand the best practices and techniques for cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning systems, be able to be certified in training courses and attend first hand to product presentations of the new and innovative technology and equipment available in the HVAC cleaning industry

Teinnova, a leading company in the manufacture of cleaning systems for the HVAC cleaning industry, has had a prominent presence in the session dedicated to the presentation of innovative equipment within the sector. This session showed the great qualities of the Rotair electrical brushing equipment, as well as the Visobot inspection robot.

Visobot , the HD inspection robot that have come into the spotlight.


Teinnova has always been characterized by its innovative nature and this is what the conference attendees could verified, recognizing the advances integrated in the Visobot robot. The display and recording in high definition with a Full HD 1080p 60Hz camera makes the duct video inspection acquire a different dimension for the clarity, sharpness and ability to show the before and after work.

The equipment incorporates a led light source that allows to enjoy the high definition of the camera in its fullness. This is a great competitive advantage of this HD inspection robot over competitors.

Indeed, those who visited our stand and attended Teinnova’s presentation could attend the presentation of the to the rest of the TECAI equipment for the cleaning and disinfection of HVAC systems.