el equipo


CEO / General Management

Passion personified! Armando is more artist than technician and is capable of transforming a customer requirement into an “object of desire” machine.”


General Services Management

Her artistry in engineering finances keeps us afloat, and while we have already told her it’s impossible, her idea of paradise would be total control.


Sales Management

Passion and effectiveness to lead the sales team. Nearly a decade advising technical cleaning companies located in more than 50 countries.


Technical Management

Spare parts, delivery notes, suppliers, machinery, equipment… he looks after the inner workings of our team like nobody else, and all in an effort to ensure that your order arrives before you expect it.


Technical Assistance Services and Quality Manager

Like a one-man band, he simultaneously coordinates numerous aspects of the Teinnova ‘circus’. When problems arise, he’s the super-hero you want to call on.


R+D+i Manager

If anyone ever said engineers are not creative then they were certainly not referring to Hector, who is always ready to offer assistance and ideas at every stage of the design phase.


Marketing Manager

Though a fan of odd phrases like ‘backlink’ and ‘multi-channel funnels’, he’s actually a nice guy. He takes care of social networks, the website, videos, etc. Basically anything you may care to throw at him.


R+D+i Technician

“Successful prototype manufacture engineer. R&D in its pure state.


R+D+i Technician

“The continuous improvement of our equipment is among his priorities. It is never enough for the Innovation team.


Export Area Manager

Asia, Africa and what is provided. Manuel is not afraid of any market, versatile, always willing to help our clients. One of our recent additions in export.


Export Area Manager

Passionate about her work, she will resolve all your questions. A safe harbor for our international customers.


Electronics Technician

Our very own ‘Sparky”, he can assemble all the circuits on a board as easily as he can programme a robot.


Dispatch Manager

Suppliers, orders, delivery notes, shipments. He is the responsible for everything to flow perfectly in our warehouse



Attention to detail, monitoring and forecasting. Security and reliance for the administration department.


Assembly Technician

While he may be the “newbie”, nobody can beat him when it comes to persistence. A fine reinforcement for the Teinnova family.


Assembly Technician

Mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics hold no secrets for Rachid, our longest standing technician.


Assembly Technician

“Small but deadly”. A tireless worker, electronics is his strong suit, though given a chance he’ll have a go at anything.


Assembly Technician

Knows even the smallest detail of our equipment. The reliability that the production department needs.

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