Project Description

    Cleaning and inspecting air duct robot

    Compressed air generator for iFoam Mini
    Ultra-portable and ultralight system for short-range inspections
    Air generator
    Robot di videoispezione per condotti dell'aria
    Cleaning and inspecting air duct robot
    Low consumption
    Easy use
    High Definition


    Do you want to make your customers aware of the importance of duct cleaning?

    Visiobot is the tool you need. Often, what is not seen, or cannot be demonstrated, is the obstacle that hinders and sometimes prevents a job that is always necessary. As indicated by the different regulations, inspection before and after cleaning work is mandatory. That is why Visiobot is your ideal complement.

    Robust and Reliable

    Indispensable conditions for the tool when it comes to inspecting air conditioning ducts.  Its stainless steel structure makes it resistant to shocks and falls. Non-Stop technology, thanks to its integrated battery, allows it to work autonomously for more than 2 hours. It also has a practical battery charge indicator to know its level at all times.


    The latest technology in visualization and recording of the images collected by the Visiobot. It has a high resolution Easy Touch screen that captures HD videos and images, with text insertion, date and time of recording, playback of recordings at the time. Easy to use interface, large internal memory.

    foto detalle para mas informacion
    Power supply230V - 50Hz | 110V - 60Hz
    Camera and lightingHigh resolution HD color
    Lighting1 LED ring in front and 2 rear LED banks with variable brightness
    Integrated battery12 V | 5.5 Ah
    MaterialStainless steel and HDPE
    Dimensions (L x W x H)745 x 415 x 175 mm | 29.3 x 16.3 x 6.9 inch
    Weight with monitor and tractor18 kg | 39.6 lb
    Robot weight2,4 kg | 5.2 lb

    · Electric cord 1.5

    · Mini SD card


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