Legal notice and general terms and conditions.


1 Scope
This document is intended to establish and update the rules for use of the Site (Hereinafter the “Site”), understood as all the pages and content owned by Tecai Innova, S.L. which can be accessed through the domain and its sub-domains, as well as the Terms of sale for our online shop.
Use of the Site grants you the status of User and implies acceptance of all the conditions contained in this Legal Notice. The User promises to read this Legal Notice carefully every time they intend to use the Site, since the Site and its conditions of use contained in this Legal Notice may change.
The use of our online shop either as a simple visitor or as a registered member, makes you a user or consumer, and implies the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions.
The user agrees to read this Legal Notice and General Terms and Conditions carefully every time they intend to use the Site, as they may change. All notices may be read at any time by the user through our website.
It is understood that carrying out all the steps needed to purchase a product through our online shop, as well as ordering it, implies a full and unreserved agreement by the user to each and every one of the terms published on the website.
These Terms and Conditions shall apply from the beginning of the online purchase procedure of the product up to receipt of the shipment, as well as to the end of the legally established periods for cancellation and of guarantees, as appropriate.

2. Ownership of the Web Site.
This site is owned by Tecai Innova, S.L. located in C/ Las Balsas 16, Pol. Ind. Cantabria, CP 26009, Logroño, with CIF (Tax ID): B26389031. Registered in the Registro Mercantil de Logroño, Tomo 605, Libro 0, Folio 26, Hoja LO-10312. (Logroño Companies Register, volume 605, book 0, Folio 26, Page LO-10312).
The company is UNE ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certified . The company is a member of the Gobierno de la Rioja (La Rioja Government) consumer arbitration system.

You can contact us at the following phone numbers or by e-mail: Tel: +34941445056, e-mail:

3.- Intellectual property.
The intellectual property rights of this site are owned by Tecai Innova, S.L., or by third parties who have authorised them as necessary.
Unauthorised reproduction, distribution, marketing or transformation, in whole or in part of the Site content constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property rights of Tecai Innova, S.L.. Likewise, all brands or logos of any kind on the Site are protected by law.

The unauthorised use of the information contained in this Site, as well as damages caused to the intellectual and industrial property rights of Tecai Innova, S.L., may lead to the exercising of applicable legal actions and, where appropriate, to the responsibilities arising therefrom.
Where the products of our online shop are subject to intellectual property protection, Tecai Innova, S.L. warrants that they are authorised to manage the purchasing of, and payment for, the product by the consumer.

4. Exclusion of liability.
The content, software, information and/or advice expressed on this Site should be construed as being merely indicative. Tecai Innova, S.L., is not responsible in any way for its effectiveness or accuracy, and shall be exempt from any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility to the Users who make use of them, as it is they who must decide, at their discretion, what use to make of them.
This site may publish content from third parties or companies, Tecai Innova, S.L., is not responsible for their accuracy, and shall be exempt from any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility to those Users who make use of them.
Tecai Innova, S.L., reserves the right to modify the content of the Site without notice and without limitation.
It also disclaims any liability for any damages that may result from any lack of availability and/or continuity of this Site and the services it offers.
Tecai Innova, S.L., does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements on the web that may lead to changes to your computer system. Tecai Innova, S.L. disclaims any contractual or extra-contractual responsibility to Users who make use of it and suffer damage of any kind caused by computer viruses or computer elements of any kind.
Tecai Innova, S.L., disclaims any responsibility for services which may be provided on the Site by third parties.
Tecai Innova, S.L., disclaims any responsibility for services and/or information provided in other sites linked to by this one. Tecai Innova, S.L. does not control nor supervise in any way third-party websites. We recommend that Users of these sites act carefully and consult any legal conditions displayed on those websites.
Users who submit any information to Tecai Innova, S.L. undertake that it is legal and truthful and does not violate any rights of third parties.

5. Conditions of use of the site for users.
Access to this site is free except for the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network provided by the service provider contracted by the Users.
Use of the Site for purposes injurious to the property or interests of Tecai Innova, S.L. or third parties, or that in any other way overload, damage or disable the networks, servers and other computer equipment (hardware) or products and applications (software) of Tecai Innova, S.L., or third parties, is expressly prohibited.

Should the User become aware that linked sites lead to pages whose content or services are illegal, harmful, degrading, violent or immoral, we would be grateful if they would contact Tecai Innova, S.L..

6. Personal data protection policy.
In compliance with “Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de Diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal” (law 15/1999, of 13th of December on the Protection of Personal Data), Tecai Innova, S.L. notifies users of the Website that the data provided through our website using the appropriate forms and through e-mails received, and which are considered to be personal data will be added to our files, with the aim of handling the service requested, respond to your enquiry and/or process your request.
These files are registered with the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Data Protection Agency) in accordance with the current legislation and regulations.
Users guarantee, and are answerable for, in all cases, the truth, accuracy, validity, authenticity, relevancy and reasonableness of that personal data, and undertake to keep it updated.
In cases where it is necessary to fill out a form in order to make a request, and to “click” on the submit button, doing this necessarily implies that you have been informed of, and have expressly consented to, the content of the clause attached to that form or acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

6.1.- Data provided by third parties: Should the request include the personal data
of third parties, the User must, prior to their inclusion, inform such persons of the contents of the preceding paragraphs. Tecai Innova, S.L. disclaims any liability for breach of this requirement.
6.2.- Data on minors: You are not authorised to provide data on persons under the age of fourteen through this Web Site. Tecai Innova, S.L. disclaims any liability for breach of this requirement.
6.3 Commercial communications by electronic means: Communications via e-mail or other electronic means will be those needed to manage your request or that deal with products or services similar to those purchased or contracted.

All the commercial communications not covered by the preceding paragraph, must be expressly authorised by the recipients, in accordance with current legislation. 6.4.- Security measures: The manager of the data has adopted the legally required level of security for the protection of personal data and has installed all the technical means and measures available with current technology to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the personal data provided.
6.5.- Duty of secrecy: The User can count on the duty of confidentiality and secrecy
of all those who process data in their name and on their behalf. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User should be aware of the possibility that the security of communications across networks is not perfect.
6.6.- Rights of those affected: The User may exercise their rights of access, correction, deletion and opposition to their personal data in accordance with the Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (Law on Protection of Personal Data) (L.O. 15/1999) and RD.1720/2007 (Royal Decree 1720/2007) By writing, attaching a photocopy of their DNI (identity card) or passport, to the following address: C/ Las Balsas 16, Pol. Ind. Cantabria, C.P. 26009, Logroño.

7. Cookies.
Cookies are used to improve the functioning of the web. “Art. 4 del Real Decreto- Ley 13/2012, de 30 de Marzo” (Article 4 of Royal Decree-Law 13/2012, of 30 March), amending Law 34/2002 of 11 July, on information society services and electronic commerce, establishes a requirement to obtain informed consent before storing or accessing the information from a user terminal under certain circumstances.
If we use cookies other than those necessary, you can view the cookie policy through the appropriate link on the initial page of the website.

8.- Social networks.
If you like, follow or in some way link yourself to our company in the various social networks, you should be aware that, in this context, Tecai Innova, S.L. can only see or delete your data in a restricted way, with a specific profile. Any correction of your data or restriction of information or publication should be done by you through the settings of your user profile on the social network itself. By default you agree to:

a) The processing of your personal data in that social network environment and in accordance with their privacy policies:
Facebook Twitter
Google (Google+ and Youtube)
b) access by Tecai Innova, S.L. to the data in your profile or biography, according to your privacy configuration on each network, will be more or less extensive.
c) That news published about our events, or our comments, may appear on your wall or biography.
d) To receive communications about our products/events.
If you want to stop following us, just select the “unlike” or “unfollow” option. You can exercise your rights of access, correction, deletion and opposition at any time by writing to the above address or by sending an e-mail to

9. Sale of goods, delivery and accountability.
Through the portal, consumers or users can purchase products. These are categorised, when you select a product, the available information on it is displayed on screen, such as its features, usefulness and price, and one or more informational pictures. Before purchasing, the user should check and decide whether it meets their needs. Technical assistance, after-sales service and other commercial guarantees which could help the client , if available, may also appear.
Before purchasing, the user should check and decide whether it meets their needs. In addition, the user must be at least 14 years old, provide the necessary data and accept these conditions.
The filling out of the form by the user does not imply an automatic acceptance of the order by Tecai Innova, S.L., rather, it is understood to have been accepted when they are sent an automatic e-mail acknowledging the request.

9.1.- Purchase procedure:
The customer should follow the instructions on the screen and add products to their shopping cart, with no obligation. They may view the cart or empty it by deleting products.
To continue with the purchase, they must accept the purchase through the order button, accepting the terms, the legal notice and the particular terms the purchase of the product(s) entail.
Subsequently, if they have not provided it already, the customer will be asked for their personal information, with the fields required for correct shipment marked with an asterisk. Prior registration by the customer is not necessary.
The customer can check whether the data is correct and, if necessary, correct errors using the “edit” button.
To complete the purchase process you must click on the “buy now” (or similar text) button, which carries the obligation to pay for the purchase.
If there are help pages during the process, these give the customer extra information about the process.
When the sale of goods is completed, and once the payment has been received and checked by Tecai Innova, S.L., and the acceptance of the purchase has been confirmed by e-mail, the product is shipped within 24 hours of the purchase. If the products are not available you will be informed by e-mail.
If payment is made by credit card, the charge on the card will be made through a bank POS. All commercial transactions are conducted in a secure server environment using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, which ensures the security and privacy of your data.
The contract ends once the goods have been delivered, although the guarantees and data are kept for legal and commercial reasons (if this has been agreed to).
In no event will Tecai Innova, S.L. be liable for other damages, whether actual, indirect or otherwise, or for loss of profit that the buyer might have suffered due to problems arising from the sale and shipment of the product.
Tecai Innova, S.L. is not liable for delays nor inaccurate or erroneous publication when they are the result of facts or circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to, government action, fire, flood, insurrection, earthquake, technical failure, hacking, riot, explosion, embargo, legal or illegal strike, shortage of personnel or material, any kind of transport interruption, delay in work, or any other circumstances beyond their control.
For any additional information about your order or billing, you may contact Customer Service through the e-mail account.
Delivery time
The delivery time is approximately one week from the time the order is placed and payment is made, for shipments to be delivered to the Spanish Peninsula, Ceuta, the Canary Islands, Melilla and the Balearic Islands. For the rest of Europe, it may take twice as long. Please contact us if you have any questions.
It can be accessed from any operating system, platform or browser. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

10. Price, payment and supporting documentation.
The price of products is given in Euros, and is set out in the relevant pages of the Site for each product, and they remain valid while they are accessible on the website.
Payment will be by credit card or Paypal.

The applicable taxes are not included in the product price.
Shipping costs are separate, and the User should check and accept before placing the order, the costs involved in shipping to their address, as they vary according to the size and weight of the product and the destination.
In general, Tecai Innova, S.L. will e-mail confirmation of receipt of payment.

11- Guarantee:
The product guarantee is for two years from the date of receipt, deemed the date given on the carrier’s delivery note signed by the User on delivery. For second-hand products, it is 1 year.
The guarantee entitles the user to a repair or replacement of the product with a new one (except for consumables or second-hand products), to request a price reduction or to terminate the contract.

Should Tecai Innova, S.L. maintain that any particular form will cause it a disproportionate harm, and with the customer’s agreement, they may choose the form that suits them.
For the six months after delivery of the repaired product, Tecai Innova, S.L. will be liable for any failure to meet its specifications which led to the initial repair, assuming that it is the same failure repeating when defects of the same type that caused the repair occur.

12. Obligations of the user.
Any commercial use of trademarked products is expressly prohibited, unless authorised by Tecai Innova, S.L., or the owner of the registered trademark.
The user agrees to pay the price of the product and use it legally and according to these terms.
The user agrees to keep their password secret and to notify us immediately, if they suspect any unauthorised use of their account or access to their password.
The user agrees not to use the account, username, or password of another user.

13. Obligations of Tecai Innova, S.L.
It undertakes to make available to the user the necessary information about the product, and, after the purchase has been made, to send an acknowledgement via e-mail, noting receipt of the order and confirmation of payment.
It commits to have any necessary spare parts for the product or to request them from the manufacturer for 5 years after the end of manufacturing.
It will prepare an invoice that will be sent to the consumer with their order.

14. Cancellation.
If not satisfied with the products purchased at our online store, you have the right to cancel the contract by returning your purchases, as provided in the following paragraphs.
The cancellation period ends 7 days from the day you, or a third party named by you, other than the carrier, received the goods.

The right to cancellation does not apply to the items listed below:
1. Chemicals that may deteriorate or expire rapidly.
2. Sealed goods which are not suitable for return for health or hygiene reasons, and which have been unsealed after delivery.
If in the same order you bought multiple goods that have been delivered separately, the cancellation period ends 14 calendar days from the day you, or a third party named by you, other than the carrier, received the last of those goods.
Once the product has been delivered, we will pay both the principal amount as well as
the delivery cost you paid at the time, however, the cost of returning the goods will be borne by you.
The consumer will be responsible for the loss of value of the goods resulting from any handling of them other than that necessary to identify them, their characteristics or their operation.
If you purchased goods consisting of multiple parts or pieces, the cancellation period shall expire 7 calendar days from the day you, or a third party named by you, other than the carrier, received the last part or material.
If you have contracted the regular delivery of goods during a specified period, the cancellation period ends 7 calendar days from the day you, or a third party named by you, other than the carrier, received the first of those goods.
The consumer must communicate their willingness to cancel by any means allowed in law: calling +34941445056, an e-mail or a letter to the address stated in these terms and conditions and proceed to return the product by parcel post, at their own cost. The mere fact of returning the package to that address is sufficient to consider that right as exercised: C/ Las Balsas 16, Pol. Ind. Cantabria, CP 26009, Logrono.
Nevertheless, we provide a cancellation form at the end of this section, whose use is not mandatory.
Once the notice of return (if any) and the returned product have been received, Tecai Innova, S.L. Shall, within a maximum period of 7 days, refund the amounts paid by the user, including taxes and shipping costs, with no discounting or penalty. The refund shall be made by the same means by which you paid, unless you request otherwise.
The user will only have to repay an amount for the loss in value of the goods that results from use not according to that agreed or the characteristics of the goods, from reckless damage caused by failure to follow maintenance instructions properly, or from malicious damage.
If the return is due to product defects, legal product liability rights and guarantees apply as stipulated in the applicable legislation, the company will pay the shipping costs.
The right of cancellation only applies to consumers, including legal entities and entities not legally a person that are not-for-profit acting in a field other than business and commerce. Traders or entrepreneurs who purchase products for their trade or business are not covered by the right of cancellation.

Template for exercising the right to cancellation of a purchase made remotely
(only complete and return this form as a consumer if you want to cancel the contract)

For the attention of Tecai Innova, S.L.. -Dpto. De Devoluciones C/ Las Balsas 16, Pol. Ind. Cantabria, C.P. 26009, de Logroño.

I, Mr/Ms/Other (given and family name(s)), located at (complete address) and with telephone number , and e-mail or a third party named by me (and other than the carrier), acquired material possession of the goods that are the subject of this contract, with order number .

Hereby inform you that I cancel my contract of sale for the following goods
Ordered on (date DD/MM/YY)
/ / and received on (date DD/MM/YY) / / since I am within the period the law allows for it.

In (town)
Of (year) 20 .
On the (day) of (month)

Signed Mr/Ms/Other

15.- Responsibilities.
The user is solely responsible for the use made of the product purchased, and exonerates Tecai Innova, S.L., from liability for any damage that might be caused by any misuse of that product. In particular, they will be responsible for:
Any act that contravenes the provisions of these general conditions, the law, morality, generally accepted customs and public order.
Any act they perform differently from what is stated in the directions or instructions on the operation and use of the product.
The reliability, accuracy, validity and timeliness of the data that they enter in each of the forms Tecai Innova, S.L. requires on the website.
Any direct or indirect damages they may have been caused by any third party if the user lost, revealed, disregarded or, in any way, let a third party, for imputable reasons, know their personal data required for contracting the product.

16.- Right to refuse an order.
Tecai Innova, S.L. reserves the right to refuse or prohibit the purchase of the product, if it considers that the current regulations, the terms, morals, generally accepted customs, public order are violated, when a third party is prejudiced, or when, for reasons relating to the image and reputation of the website itself, Tecai Innova, S.L .does not consider it appropriate. In this case, if payment has been made, we will proceed to refund it.
17. Information and amendment.
Tecai Innova, S.L. guarantees that it has disclosed these general conditions to the majority of potential stakeholders, before they could contract the products, thus fulfilling the prior information period. The user can see the current Terms at any time on our website.
The validity of this condition matches its disclosure time, until such time as the terms and conditions herein are unilaterally modified, in whole or in part, the user is required to consult our General Terms and Conditions each time they access our online store.
If any provision is declared invalid, it will be treated as if it were not present, without affecting the other conditions.

18. Assignment and subrogation.
Tecai Innova, S.L. can contract service providers, and collaborate or lease contracts made to third parties, to carry out the provision of all or part of the products it is committed to through the various operations that have been set up.

19. Termination and resolution.
This agreement will terminate when both sides meet the obligations to which they commit in it or when terminated by either of them if any of the grounds provided for resolution happen, or if the counterparty seriously fails to meet any of their obligations under the contract.

Notifications shall be submitted by any reliable means to the following address: Tecai Innova, S.L.; C/ Las Balsas 16, Pol. Ind. Cantabria, C.P. 26009, Logroño.

21. Applicable law, jurisdiction and enforcement.

Tecai Innova, S.L. declares that this legal notice and the General Terms and Conditions are governed, in each and every one of its clauses, by Spanish law. This contract is set out in the Spanish language.
For the consumer to enjoy legal protection, they can claim or demand from the home jurisdiction.
Both parties hereby submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the Courts of Logroño, Spain, in the following cases:
The purchaser is domiciled outside the European Union and in that country there is no bilateral or multilateral agreement with Spain to prevent the possibility of express submission to a jurisdiction;
If a sale is made by a company acting within their business or professional activity,

22. Contact Us.
If you have any questions about these conditions, or would like to make any suggestions or recommendations, please contact us through the following e-mail address:.

23.- Downloads.
The user can download these conditions here
The user can download the cancellation form here

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