Frequent Questions.

Frequent Questions

The average time for a kitchen with the normal level of accumulated grease is between 6 and 8 hours. This includes cleaning the extractor hood, 15 metres of standard conduit and the extractor itself

We cannot guarantee that the residue from cleaning an extractor system will be biodegradable because of the many elements that this residue may contain. Teinnova therefore always recommends that the residue from cleaning kitchen extractor systems be properly disposed of.

Our normal time for manufacturing equipment is 2 to 3 weeks from the date when the order is confirmed.

Yes, our technical cleaning equipment is designed to work in any country.

Teinnova operates in all countries either through direct sales of distributors.
Contact us and we will tell you the best option for your location.

We aim to make the purchase of our equipment as easy as possible, so we have prepared a range of possibilities.

See our page that deals with this:


Our brushes are maximum quality and they can be used for many years. What is important is how often they are used and what type of waste they work on. Under normal conditions, our brushes can last for over 5 years without problems.

3 complete systems (hood, conduits and extractor) or 15 separate hoods.

There is an international regulation used in several countries that recommends:

Hood: Weekly cleaning

Extractor: Weekly cleaning

Conduit: Annual cleaning

However, this depends on the use of the installation, and intensive use can reduce these times by half.

Teinnova is a global company operating in over 50 countries. The following link shows our presence around the world.

Teinnova Map

Teinnova has its own Technical Service. Our machines are designed to be modular to save time and make any potential repairs easier.

Click the link is below for more information


Our industrial equipment design is intended to reduce the need for maintenance work.

In any case, we have maintenance plans to suit every situation.

Each piece has its own number that will be supplied with the order.

These are our two main Taric numbers for customs and generic issues.

Machinery: 842430

Comegras Chemicals: 340290

We have created tools to gather data for automatically preparing estimates for work in accordance with current market rates.

Contact us to obtain these tools

Results and an efficient service: Reaching and cleaning the inside of conduits and complicated areas calls for specialised equipment .

TEINNOVA equipment offers competitive advantages due to these factors:

Fast service: Our equipment can automate manual cleaning tasks. The cleaning will take a lot less time, which will reduce service costs and satisfy your client.

Fewer resources: Cleaning requires less labour and less time, improving your business margin and client satisfaction.

Professional image : Our equipment looks professional and highly technical, which will enable your business to position itself and reach out to large clients.

Each system is specifically designed to carry out one of these two functions. Tecai cleans air-conditioning systems, and Tegras cleans kitchen extractor systems. Each system has different functions that make one or the other job easier to do. We would also not recommend using one system for both functions because of hygiene issues and the danger of cross contamination.

Please fill out the information request form, making your request in detail and we shall give it special consideration.

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