Mission Vision Values.

Why our Clients love to work with us.

Teinnova professionals in technical cleaning


The primary objective of TEINNOVA is to make the most difficult cleaning tasks easy by following a business model that is both cost effective for our customers and complies with their highest expectations, and always with ongoing improvement and innovation as the fundamental bases for development.



Our objective is to be the reference company in terms of the technical cleaning requirements of customers that are unable to find alternative solutions to their problems in the market.

With this in mind, TEINNOVA hereby clearly states its unequivocal commitment to pollution prevention, ongoing improvement in environmental performance and scrupulous respect for legislation relating to our products and activities.



Commitment. Our entire team is customer-oriented in terms of development and service.

Product leadership. We develop technical cleaning solutions that are efficient in terms of both quality and functionality. Our aim is for the solutions we offer to exceed customer expectations.

Non-conformity. As the principal driving force behind our company, R+D+i motivates us towards evolution and change. We never take anything for granted and are always seeking improved solutions.

Respect for the environment. Because we want a better world for our children.

Personal development. We want our employees to grow and develop professionally to the extent that they can both individually and collectively offer maximum value to the company.

Teamwork. We are well aware that the major challenges facing us can only be overcome by a unified team with a common goal. We promote an environment in which our employees are encouraged to suggest ideas for improvement and in which these ideas are subsequently assessed by the person directly above them in the company hierarchy.

Innovation. We believe that what we do today will not be sufficient to cover tomorrow’s requirements and, as such, we must anticipate the market and design technical cleaning solutions for the future that will both aid society and help us progress together.

Global vision. We offer a complete range of solutions to guide and provide a total service to our customers. Each member of the team performs his or her individual duties taking into account the overall objectives of both the company and our customers.

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