Customized solutions.

We analyse, design and develop a bespoke solution to your technical cleaning needs

Bespoke development essentially means carrying out a study of the client’s needs and offering a solution to the problem of cleaning in all areas.
A bespoke solution allows our clients to benefit from a solution tailored to their needs rather than the other way around.
Although there are advantages in buying and using standard cleaning equipment, there are many specific sectors and processes that require bespoke solutions, because standard equipment is unlikely to meet all the needs of the situation.

How can we help?

We prepare equipment projects to order, automating processes and any application that you need for technical cleaning.
You present us with a problem and we apply our experience to the analysis, design and development of technical cleaning solutions, with the guarantee that the project we develop will be suited to your requirements.

This is our approach

Prior needs analysis with the client, with technical and feasibility assessment of the project.
Fixed budget, so you know the scope of the project and the investment required from the start.
100% unique design, with prototypes and testing during analysis to ensure that it meets requirements.
Need to make changes in the middle of the project? No problem, we can redesign the system and include any changes you require.
Once finished, we test the results under your supervision before making any final adjustments.
We won’t abandon you after delivery, we can take care of maintenance and improvements to keep your equipment working longer, if you want.


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