hepair 2000.

hepair 2000

    Project Description

    Dust Aspiration and Filtration system

    Intelligent active foam generator
    hepa filter
    the ultimate negative air vacuum solution for the cleaning of HVAC systems
    Low consumption
    Easy use
    Low noise level


    Do you need an effective aspiration?

    Hepair 2000 is the solution. The system collects, filters and traps all particles loosened by brushing and air injection systems.
    Its powerful vacuum motor absorbs all particles raised and these are held inside the filters, thanks to its system of decantation and filtration.

    How does it help you?

    Gets to where you need it. Thanks to your 3 meter hose with telescopic supports you can reach all ducts regardless of their height.
    100% Filtration. With the three stages of filtration, and your HEPA absolute filter, no particle will escape you.

    Why HEPAIR?

    Because its design, compact and sturdy with wheels and side handles, allows you a better portability.
    Because it allows you more control thanks to the operating hours counter. Because it has an acoustic indicator of filter saturation that will allow you to know their condition and the need to change them, thus avoiding a waste of time.
    Because it has a pack of three filters to achieve a perfect filtration (Coarse Filter + Pre-Filter + Main Filter).


    Supply voltage220 V - 50 Hz (4 A) | 110 V - 60 Hz (8 A)
    Maximum vacuum volume2000 m3/h | 1177,2 cfm
    Maximum depression2500 Pa | 0,36 psi
    Triple filtration 3 FPrefilter G4 | Bag filter M5 | HEPA H13 Absolute filter
    Separation degree>99%
    Engine power880 W
    Noise level72 dB
    Total weight with filters80 kg | 176 lb
    Dimensions (L x W x H)611 x 590 x 943 mm | 24 x 23 x 37 inch

    · Electric cord 1.5


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