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The brushes are the essential element between the brushing robot and duct cleaning.
They are no doubt an element of great importance for more effective cleaning in circular and square ducts.

Range of brushes

duct brushes
duct pbt brushes

Indicated for the removal of medium hard fatty residue.
Nylon brushes are highly recommended to make combinations in ducts with mixed brushes or PBT. They are ideal brushes for the cleaning maintenance. They do not scratch the inside of the duct. They provide optimum distribution of the foam.

PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) is indicated for the removal of fatty residue of medium-high hardness with a high abrasion and decrustation properties. PBT is one of the latest raw material concepts and more advanced technologically with excellent elastic recovery. It does not shed substances and is certified by international standards, which makes it suitable for use in food areas

MIXED (combination steel and Nylon)
Indicated for the removal of extremely hard fatty residue. Very suitable for the “charred” fat removal.
The steel breaks down the fat, allowing the chemical residue to disperse, with Nylon that distributes the penetration of the active foam in the residue. Maximum capacity of abrasion.

Guide of combinations for square ducts.

logo duo square v2

The DUO Square system is the ultimate solution to brush out the most difficult dirt from the corners of the square duct.
The modules have been designed to combine two brushes of different diameters, material and thickness of the pins in order to adapt to the shape of the duct brushing both circular and square.
The DUO Square system combines two rows of bristles; the outer core is designed for the height of the duct and the inner core with the appropriate size for an effective
corner brushing.

conducto cuadrado
square duct brushes

You only have to measure the height of the duct.
For a square duct cleaning you must use the combination of two brush modules, the outer core is always the measurement equal to the height of the duct, however the inner module requires a specific dimension to cover the corner angle. With this guide you will find it very easy to know which brushes are suitable for any measurement of duct. For persistent grease MIXED brushes nylon and steel can be used, with the corresponding measurement indicated in the table.

TECAI brushes for air-conditioner duct cleaning

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