Project Description


    Inspection before and after air duct cleaning work is mandatory.
    This is why Visiobot Lite is your ideal complement. Its stainless structure makes it resistant to shocks and falls.
    Its compact and rugged design makes it easy to transport.
    Its long battery life allows you to work anywhere, even without electricity


    air duct video-inspection robot


    • The latest technology for in visualisation and recording inside air ducts.
    • It has a high resolution Easy Touch screen, captures HD videos and images, with text insertion, date and time of recording.
    • Playback of recordings on the spot.
    • Easy to use interface, large internal memory.
    Power supply230V / 50 - 60Hz / 110V / 50 - 60Hz 75 W max.
    Camera and lightingHigh resolution HD color
    Lighting1 LED ring in front and 2 rear LED banks with variable brightness
    Battery:Display 11,6” / 256GB Full HD 1080p 60Hz
    Control panel:Membrane keyboard and joystick
    Display system:Li-ion 6600mAh (97,68Wh) / 14,4V
    Structural MaterialABS y HDPE
    Case dimensions(L x W x H)470 x 357 x 176 mm 18,5 x 14,1 x 6,9 inches
    Tractor dimensions:(L x W x H)216 x 148 x 102 mm 8,5 x 5,8 x 4 inches
    Tractor weight:2,9 kg // 6,4 lb
    Luggage weight:8,5 kg // 18,74 lb
    Tractor unit:By means of a high-grip strap
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