filnet ultrasonic b300.

filnet ultrasonic b300

    Project Description

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment (high capacity)

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
    Low consumption
    Cleaning Speed
    Chemical consumption


    Gama Filnet Ultrasonic

    Do you want to stand out when cleaning filters? Do you need to clean in minimum time? Only with FILNET Ultrasonic will you achieve effective cleaning in only a few minutes. Do you want to complement your kitchen extractor system cleaning business by offering a single service? FILNET Ultrasonic offers you the latest technology for cleaning kitchen filters and equipment in minimum time.

    Why Filnet Ultrasonic?

    Because it offers a different, effective service not only for cleaning kitchen filters, but also for any kitchen equipment that needs cleaning (frying pans, trays, pots, frying baskets, grills, burners). Ultrasonic technology also cleans filters and kitchen tools faster than anything else. You decide on the best plan for you and your clients. Available in 2 different measurements depending on your needs and those of your clients: 100 and 300 Litres ( 26 and 79 gal.)
    The tanks are made of stainless steel to guarantee robustness and durability in continuous extreme conditions.

    Power supply3 phases 380V 50-60Hz
    Power supply3 phases 240V 60Hz
    Ultrasonic power3000 W
    Heating power6000 W
    Interior volume300 liters
    External dimensions1050 x 805 x 1090 mm | 41 x 32 x 43 inch
    Interior dimensions850 x 565 x 620 mm | 33.5 x 22.2 x 24.4 inch
    Weight186 kg | 410 lb

    · Power cord 2.5

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