Project Description

    Industrial vacuum cleaner for liquids and dust

    POWER 220 240 ICON
    vacuum cleaner for dust and liquids
    Low consumption
    Easy use
    Noise level


    Welcome to the real professional vacuum cleaner

    How many times, when buying a professional tool, do we see ourselves in the choice between quality or price? How many times do we choose the second option and then deeply regret it? This is usually the case of industrial vacuum cleaners.
    The vacuum cleaner for liquids and dust is an essential tool in the cleaning of kitchen extraction systems.
    Thanks to its suction power you can keep the workspace clean and safe.

    Maximum Portability

    Its small size and light weight allow maximum versatility for demanding environments such as cleaning hoods, extraction ducts or extractor fans.
    In these cleanings, liquids and debris are often deposited on the floor, between equipment or in the drain itself. The long reach of its hose and its portability allow the work to be carried out with great comfort.

    Speed and effectiveness 

    – Easy emptying of the 37 liter tank.

    – Long length hose.

    – Extendable handle for ease of handling.

    – 4 types of different nozzles so you can not resist anything (Flat, Round with brush and special floors).

    Power supply220-240V / 50-60Hz
    Maximum power1400 W
    Power1200 W
    Airflow215 (m³/h)
    Depression2400 mm H2O
    Sound level60 dB
    Total tank capacity37 liters
    Hose2,5 m | Ø40
    Engine stagesDouble
    Height (L x W x H)400 x 400 x 740 mm | 15.7 x 15.7 x 29 inch
    Weight12,6 kg | 27.7 lb

    – Suction hose
    – Dust filter
    – Liquid filter
    – 4 suction nozzles

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