Project Description

    Microbiological air measurement equipment for air conditioning and climate control systems

    Microbiological air measurement equipment
    Easy use
    Low consumption


    Precise measurement of Colony Forming Units

    The standard UNE 100012:2005 establishes a compulsory measurement of Colony Forming Units (CFU), both before and after cleaning, as well as before and after the disinfection of air ducts.
    These measurements are really important, for compliance with the regulations, and to determine when you should undertake cleaning and disinfections.

    How does it help you?

    It allows you to extend and complement your range of air-conditioning cleaning systems, with the tool of microbiological measurement.
    Quantitative measurement, both in internal and external environments. The air is sucked through a removable head, with a series of holes of 1 mm in diameter at a rate of 100 liters per minute.
    In just 7 minutes! Microorganisms are collected on the surface of a plate, which is extracted, incubated and make a count of grown colonies in the ambience. The count, along with the volume of air sampled, is used to calculate the number of Colony Forming Units (CFU) per cubic meter of air.


    • Transport case.
    • 1 x Software PC Reporter.
    • 4 x Rechargeable batteries.
    • 1 x Battery charger
    • 1 x Head micro perforated
    • Instrucciones de uso y software.
    Apparecchiatura per la misurazione microbiologica dell'aria
    Power supply4 x baterías AA NiMH
    Flow100 l/min
    Volume sample10 to 2000 litres in varing steps
    Sample volume capacity60.000 litres before recharge*
    d50 Particle size1.7m (220 x 1mm hole head) | 1.35m (400 x 0.7mm hole head)
    Mean particle velocity9.62 ms-1 (220 x 1mm hole head) | 10.7 ms-1 (400 x 0.7mm hole head)
    Other featuresAuto switch off | Delayed start up to 60 min | 4-digit 7-seg LED display | Sample cancel feature | Padded carry bag supplied
    Noise level< 75dB
    Dimensions (L x H x W)196 x 100 x 40 mm | 7,7 x 4 x 1,6 inches
    Weight650 g (inc. battery and petri dish)


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