dinet B100 ultrasonic.

dinet B100 ultrasonic

    Project Description

    Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for air-conditioning grilles.

    Portable Ultrasonic cleaning equipment
    Easy use
    Low consumption


    How does it work?

    Ultrasonic cleaning consists of energy that is initiated in the generator and distributed to the transducers or ultrasonic emitters. In this way, they implode the water molecule (cavitation), generating a micro brush in the piece to be cleaned. This process, together with the temperature offered by the equipment, makes the B100 ultrasonic the fastest and most effective system for cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning grilles and diffusers.

    SPEED. In a matter of seconds the dirt is removed without the need for any kind of manual finishing, we achieve cleaning and disinfection in a single operation.

    EFFECTIVENESS. The action of ultrasound penetrates all the cavities, providing extreme cleanliness.

    SAVINGS. The amount of water and product is reduced cleaning. The water is reused for successive washings.

    ECOLOGICAL. The cleaning liquid is composed of water and a small proportion of a specific detergent.


    Ultrasonic power (220V - 50/60Hz)1200 W
    Heater power (220V - 50/60Hz)2000 W
    Ultrasonic power (110V - 60Hz)900 W
    Heater power (110V - 60Hz)1000 W
    Ultrasonic frecuency28 kHz
    Number of transducers24 units
    Interior volume85 liters
    Exterior dimensions800 x 530 x 1060 mm | 31,5 x 20,8 x 41,7 inch
    Interior dimensions530 x 290 x 550 mm | 20,8 x 11,4 x 21,6 inch
    Total weight87 kg | 192 lb

    · Electric cord 1.5

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