Project Description

    Compressed air generator for brushing robots

    the ultimate negative air vacuum solution for the cleaning of HVAC systems
    Équipement robotisé pour une parfaite vérification des systèmes de climatisation
    Compressed air generator for brushing robots
    Easy use
    Low noise level




    AR 16  air compressor for HVAC cleaning

    Pneumatic brushing equipment requires compressed air for operation. For this reason, we have designed air generators that adapt to the requirements of work to be done with the best performance: Maximum air flow and pressure in single-phase connection, low noise level for night work, being able to work continuously without heating, and also a great portability.

    Power2,2 kW
    Intake400 l/min
    Output flow (5 bar)280 l/min
    Tank18 liters
    Pressure10 bar
    Noise level82 dB
    r.p.m.2850 r/min
    Voltage230 V - 50 Hz
    Number pistons2
    Dimensions (L x W x H)572 x 636 x 520 mm | 22.5 x 25 x 20.4 inch
    Weight44 kg | 97 lb
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