Demand for disinfection companies soars for fear of coronavirus.

Demand for disinfection companies soars for fear of coronavirus

Disinfectants, and other methods such as ozone, can help kill the coronavirus. They are already being used to disinfect public transportation, offices and medical facilities.

As pointed out from the Antena 3 news, one of the leading Tv news in Spain, there is a huge increase of demand for disinfection companies to clean public spaces of viruses and bacteria.

The disinfection of spaces such as offices, public transport is shot to end the viruses and bacteria to the fear of possible infection by coronavirus.

The plane in which the Spanish traveled from Wuhan, in China, was disinfected by a team of 14 people, during 10 hours. Wearing gloves, masks and special suits, they thoroughly cleaned and even dismantled each and every seat.

A misting system was used with disinfectants that are now increasingly in demand for offices. Demand “has risen by 30 to 40 %”.

Coronavirus disinfection systems

Ozone disinfection

Industrial ozone generator. Disinfects and deodorizes ducts, clean rooms and air conditioning systems among others. Perfect for coronavirus disinfection.

fogair_nebulizer for disinfection

Heavy-duty and portable cold fogger
Ideal for commercial and residential accounts because of their compact size, stability, and the 1.5 gal. capacity

Biocide is the most important disinfectant when faced with bacteria, viruses, plagues, fungi.
Biocide is the most important disinfectant when faced with bacteria, viruses, plagues, fungi.

Together with its powerful biocide, it translates into quietness when faced with bacteria, viruses, pests and fungi.

Portable ozonizer for room disinfection
Portable ozone generator

OZO3 system is an advanced high ozone production and concentration ozonizer for shock treatment in all type of environments and surfaces, to achieve a total disinfection with a powerful viricide, bactericide and fungicide action.

gel landing small

Hand and body sanitizing gel in clinical and hospital environments
750 cc container with incorporated dispenser
Bactericide according to UNE EN 1500
Fungicide according to UNE EN 1650
H1N1 Influenza Virucide

garrafa landing small

Evaporable gel specially designed for fast and effective hand sanitization. Elimination of microorganisms in personnel exposed to biological agents susceptible to produce infections and as a means of reducing epidemics.
5-litre container

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