Exhaust ducts for industrial dryers.

Exhaust ducts for industrial dryers

Impurities produced by clothes and textiles are deposited along all the laundry exhaust ducts, shortening the life and reducing the capacity of the equipment by reducing the effective duct diameter.

Lack of cleaning out of the textile waste is the leading cause of fire in dryers and washing machines according to the USA’s National Fire Protection Association.

To the industrial safety problems are added all the problems caused by blocked ducts, such as an increase in the room temperature, smells or possible changes to the dryers’ maximum working temperature. The more delicate fabrics can be damaged by dryer malfunction if the equipment fails to regulate its maximum temperature correctly.

A clean exhaust improves the dryers’ energy efficiency and their lifetime, and is the best way of preventing fires in laundries.


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negative air vacuum solution for the cleaning of HVAC systems.

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