Adaptation of ultrasound to existing tanks.

Adaptation of ultrasound to existing tanks

SITUATION: An important Catalan factory needed ultrasound emitters implemented in its washing tanks to improve the cleaning process.

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: The main objectives for the implementation of the new cleaning system included:

SHORTER cleaning times, lower consumption of water and chemical products. IMPROVED cleaning quality.

INTEGRATION of the process in the production line.

PROPOSAL: The proposed solution was the addition of ultrasound generators and emitters to different tanks, designed in accordance to capacity.

The characteristics of each tank:

– 1/ TANK LINE 1, capacity 280 litres, 93 cm wide x 30 cm long x 100 cm high.
– 2/ TANK LINE 5, capacity 950 litres,109.5 cm wide x 110 cm long x 79 cm high.
– 3/ TANK LINE 2-3-4, capacity 840 litres,109 cm wide x 99 cm long x 78 cm high.

Datos del proyecto

Sector : Food
Fecha : 2-2-2014
Etiquetas : Food, ultrasound, Telab, Teinnova

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