Project Description

    Compressed air generator forĀ Forte and Multipro

    Easy use
    Low noise level


    AR15 is a machine for generating compressed air using double boxer-typees

    Piston. It can be used in combination with either a TECAI brushing robot, or a TEGRAS brushing robot as shown in the usage diagram in cases where the power supply for the compressor is 220V 50Hz. Where the compressor power supply is 110V 60Hz, the TEGRAS brushing robot CANNOT be used.


    Your AR15 also has a second air outlet in case you want to use another pneumatic tool. It also has an electric power outlet at the same voltage and frequency as the intake. This enables us to power other electrical equipment through the AR15

    Voltage110V / 60Hz // 220 V /50Hz
    Rated pressure:10 bar // 145.04 psi
    Air output (5 bar// 72.52 psi):200 litres/min // 7.06 cfm
    Air output (7 bar)240 l/min / 8,47 cfm
    Power:2 Kw
    Noise level:79 dB
    Operating principle:Double boxer type piston
    Dimensions (L x W x H in mm.)469 x 389 x 650 mm // 18.5 x 15.3 x 25.6 inches
    Weight32 kg // 70.55 lb
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